Plague Inc Game Online Play Free

Who wants to feel like an evil genius or mad scientist… here’s your chance! You could create your own virus that could destroy the world. What if you’re a genius?

That is indeed your main mission here! You must always be one step ahead! Are you ready to see your planet slowly but surely destroyed? Your main task is to stay ahead of the game!

Create a new disease with no cure!

Let’s meet in the laboratory! Here, you’ll spend a few hours of your life making the most dangerous virus! You need to name it and identify its symptoms. The best thing to do is to take the symptoms that look like a common cold. The question is whether it is a cold.

People think it will all go away soon, but that’s a big mistake! Think about how you would want your illness to spread. Open a map of the world and choose where your first infected person is.

Once you’ve chosen patient zero, there’s no going back! Now you must do everything in your power to infect everyone! Reset your virus at DNA points. Be careful and follow the news.


Sooner or later, people will realise what is happening and start making decisions. They will get a vaccine against your disease. You must not let this happen! Make your virus even more powerful! Don’t give up! Your goal is to destroy the whole world!