Count Masters Game Online Play Free

All things happen by choice. You have to move in the shape of a large group, but in the shape of a crowd. There are several doors in front of you. Each one adds or reduces the number of little 3d people. So your task is to lead as many people as possible to the goal.

Try not to lose anyone along the way and choose correctly. If you do, you’ll have a chance to win in the finale when you meet the last boss. You will also get to know other groups.

You can only continue on your way if you have a quantitative advantage. Otherwise you are defeated. Even if you have one more unit, you already have an advantage. So if you want some dynamic fun, start with this race and increase your number of colored men.

You will be able to continue on your way.

The stage is usually represented by you in blue and your opponents in red. The giants are also stronger, so you’ll have to do your best to beat them. Because the overall score here is very important. You’ll have to do your best to beat them.