Solar Smash Game Online Play Free

Want to feel like a true master of the world? The entire planet is at your disposal! Only you can decide what to do with it next. We know what you want most! You want to destroy everything that comes your way!

Here is a great way to have fun in your spare time. You will be able to perform various experiments! Show everyone what you can do! This is a great opportunity to get rid of all the negative energy and set yourself free!

Create your own apocalypse!

From the moment you launch your grand plan, you must take on the planet. As you can see, this is our Earth. Its fate is now in your hands. You can do anything. You can destroy by any means what you have evolved for so long.

You have some great weapons to choose from, including lasers, asteroids, missiles and more. Create a lightning bolt and send it to a certain corner of the world. Force your planet to collide with another.

Try every possible variation and watch the Earth shatter into tiny pieces. What kind of feelings will you experience? In time, you will be able to explore other planets. Each one will be destroyed in a different way. You may experience new twists and turns. You might even be able to launch aliens! Get rid of the stress you have built up here!